Back Again

Back Again

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Liner Notes: 

Just playin' around. used a Kenya Early Morning Birds track from BBC royalty free, also Hydrogen drum machine and Reaper.


Back Again
by visiblydistorted
July 17 2019

I'm back again to reality,
Down from my lofty trip,
Ten days out in the forest,
I'm chipper as I slip,

Down to the concrete,
Coming on back,
Down to the work force,
Coming on back,
Down to the traffic,
Coming on back,
Down to the old chores,
Coming on back,

I'm back again to the humdrum games
and everything always feels the same here,
As I lay my busy head down, I
Let out a woke laugh, let out a sigh,

And I
Oh I
Oh I

Wiggle down to the earthworms,
Comin' on back,
Down to the bedrock,
Coming on back,
Down to the aquifers,
Coming on back,
Down, singin' knock knock,
Coming on back,

let me in, again,
when I say the magic words,
Oh, oh,
They sure aren't easy,
Let me in, again,
when I understand the birds,
Oh, oh,
The things I see, see, see...

I'm back again,
and I think I'm on track,
back again,
Coming on back,
I'm sorting, sifting,
fantasy from fact,
back again,
coming on back.

And I
Oh I
Oh I...

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I liked this. Coming down from a trip and you just keep going down.

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Well, I would argue that your time spent in the woods and in nature is the true "reality".
The rest is just a distraction from "real" life.
I would also argue that there is no difference between "fantasy" and "fact".
(Yes, I have been doing a lot of reading about shamanism, and yes, I have lived out in the woods for the last 25 years)
Fantastic sound sculpture you have here.
Excellent use of sound samples.
I like the minimal instrumentation and the subtle effects on the vocals.
Really enjoyed my listen!
I think I'm gonna Watchlist you!

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Comin' on back... Reality is okay sometimes for kicks, but don't let it bring you down. I enjoyed your rhythmic changes and the nature sounds quite a bit.

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This is even better on second listen. I love the seamless variety of beats underneath the varying birdscape.

Great work with textured sound sources, with lyric.