The Cow Said Meow

The Cow Said Meow

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Liner Notes: 

my three year old daughter and I improvised these variations on the facts after browsing through youtube for examples of the sounds made by different animals. no. actual animal sounds were used in the making of this song,


there are lyrics but it is more fun to discover them as they happen.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This is so very sweet (both of you) and ha ha ha @ the crocodile !!!!

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This is adorable! Made me laugh and I think you two should do more!

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So sweet and delightful father and daughter song! Love the creativity and improvisation and the wonderful vocals and animal noises!

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Love your daughter...nice. lol, this is so funny. lol, the crocodile. is that right, The cow said What a classic Bill. You're a great Dad, I'm glad you saved this song and shared with all of us.

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This is so cute, and beautiful, great songwriting too, Bill!

Is she three now? times passes so quickly, I remember when I first met you on FAWM, she was about to be born. Really lovely.

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Nothing's what is seems. This was fun, Bill. My favorite is the cat that says moo.

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Ooooh... Again, Bill, you're giving me tons of ideas. I just spent the afternoon with my 6-month granddaughter and 4-year-old son (who I keep saying I'll be making into the next Justin Bieber). This is just fantastic. Man, you should do a whole album of this stuff and you'll sell a million. I'm serious!!

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Lovely, just lovely. It's really amazing how well you manage to keep it all together ( sounds like one live take ) and how clever your daughter is. It's so heartwarming to hear you two together this way.

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The cow says meow. Ha ha ha! That's like when I taught my nephew that chocolate milk came from chocolate cows. Kids are fun. Smile

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That made me smile and chuckle a lot. Very fun and sweet and funny.