Freedom Song

Freedom Song

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Liner Notes: 

Even though I really feel no sense of hope at all with the political climate in this country, I know I have to find hope from somewhere. People who are experienced in resistance warned we would grow weary, and we have. But still, holding onto hope.

I'm thinking the lyrics might come across as corny (or cliche).

Sorry about the quality of the sound. I've got a portable air conditioner humming away.


Freedom Song by Jessica Graae ©2019 all rights reserved

Listen to the rain come down, and I wonder, oh…

Listen to that heavy sound, and I wonder, oh…

Will the sun ever shine again?

Listen to our hearts run down and I wonder, oh…

How’re we going to save us now? And I wonder, oh…

Will the sun ever shine again?

Oh, the times they are a changin’

Taking us back.

World’s rearranging.

Sky’s turning black.

Watching as they build those walls, and I wonder, oh…

How we’re going to make them fall? And I wonder, oh…

Will the sun ever shine again?

Listen to our freedom song, and I wonder, oh…

Hope it doesn’t take to long, and I wonder, oh…

Yes, the sun it will shine again. The sun it will shine again.

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I feel so much the same and I love that you have hope at the end. Great song!

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i love your voice and the lines about the rain and the sun and the clouds are quite emotive and communicate the universal malaise that has cloaked the world. when you touch on specific issues that are isolated in time and space. some of the global universality is diminished. nevertheess, it is a fine song and performance, with your voice suggesting the despair that words alone cannot encompass.

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Your voice is so beautiful on this. Sad folk protest song. Yes, this time in our country has beaten me down. The best I can do these days is to pray I live to see better days for our country. Lovely

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I have not hear a good folk song in years so this was a real treat for me well done Jessica and what a beautiful voice.

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I love this! You have the perfect voice for a good ol protest song! i have hope as well! but don't like what i see at the moment - nearly hit the bottom i think~. Very well done indeed! the sun will shine again!

It's not corny or cliche, -- it is in Folk singer songwriter style; but effective for it. I think non-specifics work with the "singing of the song". No one is "stupid" who'd be listening, and will or would like to assign their own specifics rather than be lectured, again, from a "song"; and sing their own mind-pictured song, -- this allows it. So, if hope and release is what you seek, this is how one would do it, I would think Smile So, as far as growing weary and the warning of it, -- no one wasted time resisting the prior administrations issues, only prepared for the next opportunity to proceed, and then did. That, like a song like this is a great use of time.

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This is beautiful, Jessica. I love the Dylan reference and how you reversed its meaning. The song is terribly sad but ending on the note of hope was the right call.

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Nicely written, played and sung. I also hope the sun will shine again.

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You've written a "folk song" that doesn't go on and on. You've written a protest song that never tells us what we "should" do. You've written a song about how bad things are, and it ends in hope.
I like your style.