Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

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Liner Notes: 

It's short. Smile


Faster than a speeding bullet,
More powerful than a locomotive.
Man, we're really flying now.

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Energy + + + !
Love this sort of punk-ish garage rock. Amps up, let's roll!

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I enjoy a good bite-sized wall of TomS, and this was that. Crunchy and chewy and mildly nutritious. At first listen, I heard the second line as "more awful than a go-go movie." Yours makes more sense. Although...

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Those guitar strings sound so fresh, they must have barely come out of the extruder. Glorious wall of guitars just what's needed on a grey Saturday afternoon here.

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I enjoy some good punky energy in the morning. You could call it short, or you could call it fun sized. A perfect bite of sound.

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Short, yeah, but you get enough energy packed in to this sucker for a ten minute song.
Love the jangly guitar.
Stellar as always, Tom!

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This is so much fun. Energetic ( and energizing ) song. You have a knack for doing one of the hardest things in songwriting, creating catchy and simple melodies. Lovely sound on the guitars and also the bass guitar solo at the end is very nice. I like this oh, so much and enjoyed my listen.