Want to Be a Lunar Rover

Want to Be a Lunar Rover

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Liner Notes: 

Challenge to write a song about the 50th anniversary of the first Apollo moon landing today on the anniversary. This is a different point of view from a wanna be car-astronaut. Quick skirmish-like write and recording so marking it as such. Fun facts. My Smart fortwo was manufactured in Hambach France. The (Plymouth) Rambler and (Scottish Aviation) Scamp) were 1960's electric concept cars which could have been kids in the late 60's. Apologies for the (alt language) chorus to anyone who speaks French.


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Grandpa was a Rambler and he watched the ’69 landing
50 years ago today
Grandma was a Scamp she missed the whole thing
Walked her own way on a sunny Paris day.

At night I dream I’m watching the universe
From a clear window on the moon

Chorus 1
Want to be a lunar rover
Aiming my solar panels
Tracking the path of the sun
Want to be the first cabrio
On the moon

C’mon pick me Cannes I’m Smart enough for the space program
At home I do the maths cause I multiply all the time
And I know how to use a computer for climbing
Roaming craters all the time
I even en Francais

Chorus 2
vouloir etre rover lunaire
visee mon panneaux solaires
Montrer do doight le soleil
vouloir etre le premier cabriolet
En lunaire

Repeat Chorus 1 twice

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You want to _be_ a lunar rover? I mean, my son wanted to be a four-door family sedan when he grew up, so I understand it's a thing.

Or do you not mean the vehicle itself?

I mean, there's that carbon-steel stuff, right? It might be possible to make a lunar rover using some of your discarded material, right?

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Great effort with the French and a neat commemoration of the moon landing!

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Yeah, great work here.
Nice chord progression and playing.
I like how you change it up for the end part.
I like your vocal delivery.
Good job on the French, too.

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Fun song Andy! I love the perspective of wanting to be a lunar rover! Nice take on the Apollo challenge!

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First, I had no idea that there was an electric Rambler. We used to make jokes about the late 60s model that came with a 390cuin engine. Economy car for street racing. Smile What a fabulously clever way of approaching the subject.