Broken bits

Broken bits

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Liner Notes: 

So, I don't really write much that is "about me". However, a few years back I thought about writing a few songs about women in my life that had an impact on me, old girlfriends, my ex-wife, my daughters and my current partner. It never really went past the "thinking about it" stage. But here is the first of what I hope I can turn into an album of sorts.

This is about a young lady whom I met after I had recently split from a 6 year relationship. We met online after we had both been told to "give it a go" by firends. We were both in similar stages of "mourning" our recent break ups. Whilst we got on really well, it was never going to go anywhere given our state of minds. We just eemed to go our seperate ways. We got back in touch after a couple of years - good ole Facebook - but I had met my current partner and she had moved on, getting into a course at college... we were like two broken bits that couldn't be glued together....


Broken bits (c) Jason Challis 2019

So we met
Modern dating, internet
Recently parted
Still broken hearted

We were two broken bits that couldn't be glued together
We tried, but the world brought the wrong weather

We weren't really there
Minds shut to new care
We thought we could
But thoughts, just stood


To be in love without
The one you loves backed out
To your eyes I could stare
But we just, were never there

We laughed as our hearts
Were still in parts
So we said goodbye
We'll be friends, or try

Too many years have passed now
I wonder if you made it, and how



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That story is all too common and you've made something really beautiful of it. Love the Elliott Smith esque layered guitars and aching feel. Really good stuff.

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yeah. that is a familiar story and i like what you have done with it. that guitar is something else. i think it stole your broken heart and tied it up in its strings,

Great, different approach to this track, -- it works. In a way, if I can explain it, it's like the vocals are backing the guitar due to it's focus of tone, but modulation of guitar, -- it's interesting and a way I'll have to consider.