my ex-girlfriend is a milf

my ex-girlfriend is a milf

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Liner Notes: 

The music was an improv that the Catalytic Perverters did before calling it quits for the night on Tuesday. I thought of the lyrics while I was taking a walk to the store yesterday. I had a song idea that they fit, but I had forgotten the music and most of the lyric by the time I got back to the home studio. I decided to try using what I could remember over the improvised instrumental track from Tuesday.


it's been a while, things have changed
my ex-girlfriend is a milf now

i always wanted her, that hasn't changed

a mother I'd like to...
a mother I'd like to fuck

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Always record improv !
Love that menacing tone as the song progresses.... kinda scary !

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if the dead milkmen are still around, they have got to hear this,