can't rock my world

can't rock my world

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Liner Notes: 

The Catalytic Perverters came up with the music in about as long as it took to play the song two and a half times. I later used the prompt from @corinne54's July 7th Sunday skirmish to write lyrics. The prompt, which was inspired by the recent earthquakes in California, was '(DON'T) ROCK MY WORLD.'

"Don't" became "can't," but in retrospect, "won't" may have been better.


shaking, earth mother quaking
I feel the movement
confusion, everything is moving
I'm sitting still but I'm still shaking

I guess nobody
is moving any mountains
to get to me
can't rock my world
can't move my mountain

rocking, boots made for knocking
I just don't use them
flowing, tsunami rolls in
I see the wave, but I can't escape it

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Excellent job of putting lyrics to awesome rock music! Nice vocals! Loved the whole thing! I may have to jump in and try a skirmish - I never have. Looks like fun!

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Great fit between music and lyric. The lyric leaves room for the listener's interpretation. Good track.