Pop Goes The Bubble

Pop Goes The Bubble

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Liner Notes: 

So I was charged, in the game of Auntie Sin, to write the "anti' to @Jibbidy34's splendid "Bubbles".

Since her song featured joyful happiness and giggles and bubbles and such, being the anti, I went for angst and dark and weird sounding vocals (oh, that middle section...)

I hope you like it. It's not exactly my usual motif but this is 50/90. Time to play a little!


pop goes the bubble
pop goes the joy and life
pop goes the bubble
all that's left is pain and strife

tried to pretend
tried to fake it
tried lots of things
couldn't shake it
tried to ignore
tried to fight it
tried lots of things
couldn't ignite it

pop goes the bubble
pop goes the joy and life
pop goes the bubble
all that's left is pain and strife

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Ooooh, this has got a really ominous and dark vibe to it. The falsetto vocals are really disturbing!

I'm very interested to hear what the synthesis of these two ends up as...

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That middle section is something else. It gives the whole thing a feeling of someone in conflict with their gender identity versus their expected gender. What brought them joy was just a bubble that has been popped by a well-meaning, trusted figure's lingering words.

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This is not what I expected! Dark and rather mysterious and a bit creepy! I am floored-but in a good way!

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Reading the lyrics...catchy chorus. Ah, great job on the verse as well. Ok, I'm ready for the audio...hold. Jamming guitar intro...arpegio now...sounds good. Vocals now...nice and slow with a strum. Very moody sound. Guitar jam again...nice. Nice change up on the vocals. Arpeggio again...nice and slow with haunting vocals. lol, nice scratch ending. Good one!

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The jarring intro and words really capture the vibe of a bubble popping. It's so over the top that I cracked up and yet you totally inhabit the song. Love the falsetto middle section

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Oh my! Yep you totally nailed the anti to my Bubbles song! Very different for you but kudos for diving in head first and pulling it off. Result! Will be interesting to see how this morphs on down the chain.

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Great work! This is a really interesting chain we have going!

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love that jangly discordant guitar riff, the slow vocal i can see now where plainwhitetoast got some of his synthesis i was working with from. the high vocals are a surprise i really like it! great commitment in the performance - you totally pull it off, i think this might be my favourite of yours! great anti to georgie's song. nicely played!