50 plus

50 plus

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Liner Notes: 

I used the final superskirmish song prompt to write lyrics for a improvisation the Catalytic Perverters did on Tuesday. Superskirmish K was hosted by @tootoobee and the prompt was 'use two different NUMBERS in a line of your song (like e.g. 1 in a million, 1+1, 3 out of four, 5 to 12, 7/11, ...).' I ended up with two such lines in the song; 83/18 and 40/45.


Some days, when I wake up
I'm glad to find I'm still alive
through the aching and the waiting
I can make it to another night

I'm not as young as I used to be
50-something, how can that be?
I feel like I'm 83
but in my head, I've barely turned 18

Some days, when I wake up
I'm glad to find I'm still alive
I remember thinking, "Life begins at 40"
but it was over by 45

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Great classic sound. Relatable lyrics and nice idea for the skirmish.
Your vocals are cool, too - you've got that not-quite-gravelly quality which fits the style perfectly. Diggin that bass!
Successful collab

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If you can still rock like this, you don't need to feel old. A fun listen and good job on the skirmish prompt. I feel younger already! Wink

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So cool! I really enjoyed the Bass and I don't say that very often (except to my Uncle who plays Bass - lol!) Loved the rock vibe, vocals, and lyrics. Excellent!