I Don't Like You

I Don't Like You

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I Don't Like You

Liner Notes: 

Another part of my one-minute song series. This was made up in about 20 minutes.
The piano was recorded via MIDI in Mixcraft 8, and I'm using the Alter/Ego VST plugin in my DAW to "sing" the lyrics (which are sparse). Toward the end, the piano is treated with hard delay (left channel). The song is mostly in 4/4, but when it gets to the E chord it switches to 7/4 for one bar.


I don't like you.
There's nothing else I can say or do.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


I get it, it works, like it.

It's interesting to see/hear your stuff progress... remembering other, fawm too, -- and class work (as music student?)... and etc.

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A nice experimental piece of music. The dismissive lyrics match the dissonant feeling of the piano chords. Smile

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The title drew me in, as well as remembering your name from last year.
Also the AlterEgo tag; love me some that.
Interesting piece; you nail the concept of dissonance.
Kudos on your idea of the one-minute song series.
This reminds me of those silent film piano soundtracks that would intensify to express the emotion on-screen...as if someone were finally getting up the nerve to tell someone that "I don't like you", and its a very dramatically delivered performance with your piano piece communicating that.
Also, its so cool to hear "Bones"!
Kudos, fellow AlterEgo'er!

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Love it! How refreshing to hear someone sing it out loud. The treatment of the vocal was really cool-- that perfectly placed flutelike break.