Beautiful Skies

Beautiful Skies

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Liner Notes: 

50/90 for me is to clean up my songs since FAWM so that I can get some new stuff during 50/90. This is a prompt from the FB page. I had the melody, but couldn't get the song finalized or record it. I added a bridge....not sure that was a good idea. I've always loved the phrasing of the verses of this song, but it sounds better in my head than in real life, but that is one more song out of my brain that is logged and put away, maybe I can make something I like more, so far not so happy with my songs, but there is always tomorrow..............


Beautiful Skies
by Tammy Jann
© 2019

He was always looking down
and slowly sinking in the ground
the browns the blacks and the greens
distorted thoughts and broken dreams

Always drowning, where he stood
consuming the wrong food
twisted up in roots of trees
missing his possibilities

lift your head, lift your eyes
if you seek, you will find
the answers way up high
floating by in beautiful skies

mountains surround the man
shadows are where he wants to stand
flowers grow up from the grass
he stomps on them, they never last

The water's showing reflections
of the sky hanging over him
he wants to change his point of view
but how, he doesn't have a clue

lift your head, lift your eyes
if you seek, you will find
the answers way up high
floating by in beautiful skies

Oh, there's so much more to see
when the sky is where you choose to be
now you can take flight

lift your head, lift your eyes
if you seek, you will find
the answers way up high
floating by in beautiful skies

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Such a wonderful voice and faultless harmonies. Seemingly effortless performance and simply a terrific song

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First read the lyrics and now listen to your version. Beautifully sung and presented.

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find job of fitting diffcult words into a difficult melody on the verses and then opening up with the big harmonies and intervals on the chorus. i think the bridge works very well in slowng things down for a clear look at the beautiful sky you envision.

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You fit it so perfectly and I got goosebumps-especially during the chorus! So clear, so beautiful!

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This is wonderful. Love the lyrics. The answers are always out there if we just keep looking and don't let ourselves get caught in the loop of negative thinking. The lyrics are so picturesque too. It's really beautiful.

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You have a great voice, and I love what you do at 2:04, sounds so good - bridge was indeed a great idea.
Digging the melody of the chorus and verses as well.
Positive vibes delivered with a gentle soothing voice and guitar.

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Good delivery of an interesting song (plenty to think on). Well done.

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Oh my word...those harmonies. This a great reminder of how beautiful things are...especially when I'm not having the best of days.

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Amazing song Tammy. Very profound solid lyrics and great musical delivery. Fantastic harmonies, singing and playing. Very beautiful work.

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lovely performance, those harmonies are so lovely. lovely positive lyrics too. very nice - what an enjoyable listen

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Favorite lines: "...the browns the blacks and the greens, distorted thoughts and broken dreams..." Beautiful performance and write. Deep meaning and very well done! Awesome, concrete work!!