Standing Inside

Standing Inside

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Liner Notes: 

This one was inspired the theme "Hero". I wanted to speak directly to my inner soul/spirit/consciousness. I think it deserves some applause.


carry me
on your shoulders
all night

and when it’s hard
you don’t falter
or fight

look into the mirror
light so bright you’re nearer
reflecting out
standing inside

in you i trust
to go the right way
take my hand
hold it tight
pull me

spirit always
knows where to land
from the sky
i fall and then they
catch me

look into the mirror
light so bright
you’re nearer
reflecting out
standing inside

when i’m lost
and blinded by the
when i’m broken
and scattered in the
i call to you
and hope that you will
hear me
save me from my
self and offer
to clear me

look into the mirror
light so bright you’re nearer
reflecting out
standing inside

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Very dreamy especially with your double tracked whispery vocals. I like the background flutey pad and echoed percussion elements - they give it a more alternative vibe against the strummed guitar

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i love this dreamy, echoey ear candy, and the way you space out the short lyrical lines,i always like a melody built on intervals rather than standard chord progressions. vocals are gorgeous,

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What you do with the "all night"/"or fight"/etc part with the vocals, I just shook my head and smiled.
I'm digging the ambient sounds in the background.
The rhythm here is awesome, very subtle and just flows along so perfectly with the vocals and guitar.
I hear that bit of synth at 2:04...
Good grief this is just my kind of stuff... I'm trying to think of artists that I love that have this kind of vibe - Bird And The Bee's more acoustic stuff come to mind off top. Not to compare, though, as this is truly unique and just sounds amazing. This atmospheric, quiet, subtle mix of acoustic and synth with an awesome voice on top - I'm a sucker for this.
Excellent lyrics as well...makes it even more engaging and moving since its from your personal feelings and inner stuff.

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Beautiful work here again as always. I could listen to you singing for hours... Smile Excellent arrangement and production too.

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Wow! The gentle vocals and gorgeous harmonies ready add to the beauty and draw me deeply into the song. Love the poetic word choices and the philosophical insights. Absolutely love this song!

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The doubled vox and melody are beuatiful. And I like this lyric a lot. The pacing of the lyric, the way you sing the shorter phrases enhances the feeling I get from the song. I definitely like this one.

Good treatment to the vocals,not overdone; TC Helicon or careful overdub mix... singing to/with self can be tricky w/a new song aye! The little before/after beats alignments do allot for it too, -- well done. Add a well placed drum kit and Bass and vwah lah... really big sound. (Well, maybe not for you, but, well, you know, it's all about me Smile hahhh -- as comments and feedback can go! Never about the actual artist!? Wink )

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Not often I'll watchlist someone within seconds of hearing a song Smile Love the dreamy vocal effects, the short lines, the loose rhyme scheme - all of that really creates a sensation of space.

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Great feel, the vibe is strong here, created by the doubled vocal and some layers. Also I love accordion, the mixture of sounds and echoes is powerful.

I’m following the lyric, letting it wash through, but don’t have any intellig ent comments. I think I get it.

This makes me think of Wye Oak a little bit

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great dreamy positive ambiance like the vocal harmony accents and the resounding reverberations. The bass drum? on first also makes it tribally go on, resembling a heart beat and ... well a bass drum Lol

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not sure how this slipped past me. Lovely dreamy. great vocals, perfect spacing and really nice lyrics, im better late than never !

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Mesmerising. I love the intertwined, dreamlike vocals.