Lost Song

Lost Song

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Liner Notes: 

So I hardly ever swear, so I can't even sing these lyrics (so please sing them if you feel inspired)… but basically, earlier today I had a moment when a song jumped in my head all at once. I scrambled to write it down. But I kept getting interrupted (not by my son... so this is not a rant at him... just so we're clear). Finally at the end of the day I returned to what I had written. And I can't pull that song back into existence. So this song is not as good as that one... but it's what I have.


I had a great song at the edge of my mind
But you wouldn’t let me write it in time
The melody was perfect and flowing and pretty
And the lyrics were well timed, and also quite witty

I know the theme and some of the words
But what can you do with half of a verse
So please don’t talk to me when I’m composing
Don’t butt in or ask or do any more nosing.

People would love it, it’s everyone’s song
It would top all the charts, but instead it is gone
So why didn’t you let me hum it one time,
Now the music is gone and the rhymes just don’t rhyme


It’s more precious each time I think about it
But when I try to sing it, it just sounds like shit
I can’t recapture what is now gone
My perfect, and precious forever lost song.


Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Nice writing...with great rhymes. I get rushed sometimes when writing and or playing and it is annoying. Love the chorus...actually all of it. This song is safe for work. Shit is actually one of my favorite words...lol. You could just stick another rhyme in there but I still think it's safe for work. Good job on this. I thought it was going to be something really bad so I almost didn't click. Even though I, uh, have a filthy mouth I tend to avoid NSFW songs. I'm telling you though, this is not unsafe. You could sing it and just slur that one single word.

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Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I wasn’t sure if it was safe or not since I have never used a swearword in any of my songs.

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Relatable to many of us I'm sure! I wouldn't even consider shit a swear word, but then again I'm Australian Biggrin The rhythm is very singable and I like the alliteration in the final line.

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Yes that meta-songwriting moment of the one that got away. In my case even when I do remember the recorded demo does not resemble what was originally in my mind. BTW, if the swear word is bothersome that can be changed Smile

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Very relatable lyrics and you need to sing them Dawn. I can't wait to hear them.

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This is probably a song many of us can sing. I try to capture what the muse gives but often life gets in the way and I've missed my chance to give birth to that song. She's given it to someone more attentive no doubt. You're like me when it comes to such words, but sometimes they can match emotions. Or, "When I try to sing it I just have to quit", would make it Dawn-rated. I know...spoken like a mother...