Not Up Or In

Not Up Or In

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Liner Notes: 

greetings friends. feel free to put music to this... or maybe i'll get to it; we'll see.



love is the only kind of
gift you'll ever need, never
need you to fret about the
world (and all it holds)

(but the) folds of dimensions make you
optimistic yet, and i'm
sure you're here to
cover that ol' bet

verse 1:

all the times i've wasted giving
other people mind, i dont
have quite enough years to be-
little all mankind

all the times i've wasted giving
up and giving in, i dont
think i have the stomach to
do another sin


going to virginia for a
(i) know it's a non-sequitor, but
it just doesn't matter coz

[repeat chorus]

verse 2:

all the days of worries are not
quite up on my list, of the
things i've got to do, and my
soul can be at bliss

(if you) have the time to give, to the
world, not up or in, i dont
think you'd have the stomach to
do another sin

[repeat chorus]

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I like the insight in the chorus. There’s a lightness to the lyrics, especially with the quirky fun non-sequitur tidbit, but there is also a wonderful depth to the message. Well done!

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I really like the internal rhymes in the "all the times i've wasted giving up and giving in" verse, it's rhythmically quite satisfying.