Alone In The Moonlight

Alone In The Moonlight

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Skirmish 168

host John Nicholson
prompt Alone In The Moonlight

This prompt is from the FB Songskirmish Group. So this is how my experiment is working. I wrote the A section melody, chord progression, lyrics and 5:6 interference rhythm in a long hour. The production took many more hours. This type of music is as much about sound as it is verses and choruses. I'm not good enough at it to be fast with the demo so my skirmishes aren't exactly.

"Alone In The Moonlight" has 6 syllables, "Shadows on shadows" has 5 so I worked out the 5:6 interference rhythm. It's in the opening percussion and the bass line after the B section.

I watched the PBS movie about the making of Sgt. Pepper (again). The narrator stressed how much they used modulations in their songs. Got me to thinking about not stayng in one key. Not exactly a modulation but this progression doesn't stay in any key!

I had a lot of fun making some of the sample sounds.


Alone In The Moonlight

Alone in the moonlight
Shadows on shadows.

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Love the movement and mystery that is so well conveyed with the wonderful interplay of music and vocals. Wonderful sound scape song.

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It works pretty well. Looks like a fair bit of work mate. Love the hauntingness in the vocals

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Diggint the percussion sound choices and programming right off bat.
:56 - when you bring in that lighter pad in harmony with the lower one, that very first chord/phrase made my eyes get big.
There's an uneasiness (dissonance? I may be wrong here) but its still beautiful due to the sound choice for those pads you used.
Then the vocals - unexpected but perfectly placed and executed. I don't know, my mind always seems to go to older times, because this reminds me of stuff I'd hear as a kid on the radio during hours that I should have been long asleep...and it'd so mysterious and kinda...far away...I was enraptured by stuff like this. I think the way you sing the vocals here and those pads take me there.
I dig the rhythm you introduce, great feel to that carrying along these sounds.
I gotta say, I've been hearing some absolutely awesome stuff today, and this is in the bunch.

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@splittybooms sent me here, and he was right to do so. This is all kinds of awesome. My subwoofer is having a whale of a time. And so am I. Downloaded this one.

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I like the bass, the feeling I get hearing it ground me, hold me down. Cool 'shadows' breakdown. This has a bit of a dark edge to it but I like it and the feel of it.

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That took me on a voyage. I love the tension provided by the lyrical lines.

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Interesting liner notes...that's awesome.

Beat....congos...chimes...bass synth...sounds synth...evil is cool....vocals now...all alone in the moonlight...shadows on shadow....all alone in the moonlight....shadows on shadows....repeat whispers...shadows....I have the headset on so I'm getting the full range....changeup now...bass groove...beat is consistnt...vocals again, the effects are quite inspiring...there is no way I can make this much effects....these are good ones too...the shadows effect is awesome. Ok, it's over...glad I clicked this...really good, I liked it a lot. I admit I put a lot of favorites on my page and that was done recently but the reason I picked this song is that it was the marked favorite. It's one of my favorites too. I don't know anybody who can do what you do with the audio. I'm an audio guy too and I can't do that. See you next time. Great job on this.