(HEY!) Do You Wanna Be In A Band With Me?

(HEY!) Do You Wanna Be In A Band With Me?

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Liner Notes: 

greetings friends. feel free to put music to this... or maybe i'll get to it; we'll see.



HEY! do you wanna be in a
band with me?
HEY! do you wanna play some
i will write the songs if you will
play your part well
(and) when we're done on earth
(we can) play our tunes for hell

verse 1:

oversaturation in the
market for musicians won't de-
ter us all from playing out our

if communication is the
issue that we're facing, then i'd
say we'll do alright on stage for

[repeat chorus]

verse 2:

here's appreciation for the
engineer in charge, and
kudos to those mastering to
vinyl and cassette

cheers for all the people who
came to see us on
(we'll) give you quite a show you won't re-

[repeat chorus]

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Hey! Really like the insight and the cadence of this! Verse 1 really stands out to me. Well done!

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Nice one, your "Theme song for an imaginery band".