Through My Steps

Through My Steps

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Liner Notes: 

Was formerly Track #04 "As I... "

It was suggest in the comments that it may be more than enough material for "one" song, -- I agree; this seemed like what it wanted to be, so freed it. Smile It's an odd/quirky one, but, for some reason I like it. It may make you motion sick?, how I mixed it... actually I toned that down, it was really weird if audio-ly effected like that.


As I walk, through my steps
The four winds blew my shit
Through the door, of my wits, away

I found the Lord, did fill that pit
With-the-quick, from fitful days
And forgave, my ignorant ways

Never the less… I must, confess…
I could live life far better,
With less

So as I, count the days
Between grief stricken ways
I get comfort in the daze I, keep

As-I-bang, my head
Until, bloody well red
And keep, from talking, to the dead

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you do a nice waltz,,with a good story to match. i especially like the vocals on this one.i think the door of my tits would be a better line than the door of my wits,

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This has such a wonderful bluesy waltz feel with the great guitar pattern and your vocals it really dances on the ear in a wonderful way! Love the sentiment you share too.

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Too many rhymes for my liking - ha ha only joking Smile Pretty catchy little number this! Nice solid guitar! I think the pace is just right to carry it through.

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This definately flows, and undulates, so I understand the sea sickness reference Smile

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Hey, I really like your vocals on this. A different kind of style, but I liked it! Nice job!!

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This song exists somewhere in the wilds between waltz and blues, and that's a cool place to be.
I've heard so many of your songs over these last few years, and now I feel comfortable stating (and I may be wrong, but I'm comfortable being wrong, too) that you seem to be fascinated by spiritual ambiguity in the way I am. Deeply spiritual in nature, yet pragmatic too.
Great song, by the way. As usual.