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Liner Notes: 

I was quick to devour those lyrics by kahlo2013...

Liz says: Thank you Lowhum! I love the great classic rock ballad groove. Wonderful strum patten and your deep rich vocals are gently evocative. Love it!


I’ll drink up your laughter
as you shake up my heart
I’ll serve up desire
as we strike up love’s spark

I’ll soak up your sweetness
as you stir up my soul
I’ll sift through your magic
as we watch our love grow

because I would like ... a shot of you,....

a shot of wonder
a shot of your love
a shot of beauty
that you are full of...

a shot of passion
a shot of truth
a shot of a life
forever...with you...

I’ll pour out affection
as you thirst for over time
I’ll devour your love
as you ingest all of mine

I’ll spice up your journeys
as you heat up my dreams
I’ll eat up our adventures
as I take you to extremes

because I would like ... a shot of you.....

a shot of wonder
a shot of love
a shot of beauty
we need more of...

a shot of passion
a shot of truth
a shot of a life
forever....with you...

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i love this thick deep kind of rock and roll. not many are good at it. lou reed, nick cave, lowhum......and liz is always a good bet when it comes to lyrics, the combination is terrific here,

Makes me think if Dire Straights - jack it up with a Kit and Bass and vwah lah, rock history, again Smile

All, well done, the syncopated melody really works.

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A song about a love that is deep and passionate, delivered in an appropriately deep and passionate manner. A fine, fine collab, folks.

Me being me, I immediately assumed that this song is about coffee. And why wouldn't it be? I agree with the sentiments entirely, and they *all* apply!

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As always Liz your lyrics are pure gold. And the deep rock vocals are awesome with it!

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This is really fun! I was a little afraid when I saw this that our versions were going to be too similar, but you went in a completely different direction. I love it!

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Lovely Lou Reed vibe going on here. I'd almost be inclined to leave the pre-chorus bit as the chorus, and have the chorus as a bridge, but overall, great sound.