Liberty Leaving

Liberty Leaving

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Liner Notes: 

Saw a cartoon earlier today of the Statue of Liberty packing up and deciding to move back to France due to.. well, if you've heard the things said and tweeted by our sadly racist president and his enablers, you already know.

So this sort of wrote itself- musically, I wasn't sure what register to sing it in, trying to find the right key, and ended up with a capo way on the 9th fret.
Recorded live, guitar harmonica and vocal all together, one take, on the iPhone, just to get it down, then added a little compression and echo.



She came here from France in the 1880’s
Here in the harbor she was known as a lady
But lately this land has gotten more shady

So she’s heading back across the sea

She said give us your your poor, your hungry, your tired
It was in that spirit we were admired
But then came a clown screaming ‘you’re fired’

And we’re not quite the same country

When we welcome strangers they help the economy
Like the Bible commanded in Leviticus and Deuteronomy
But the xenophobia is out of control
Oh this country has lost so much of its soul

There’s a small copper tear, in that proud lady’s face
As she hears about children caged and displaced
Will we ever get back what we had in this place

Will the lady hold her head in shame?

We can still turn around this cruel ship of state
If we search out the values that we must locate
If we all pull together, maybe its not too late

Oh America, live up to your name

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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Great write and badly needed! My heart is hurting and it is so so wrong. Good song!

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Oh I saw you post this cartoon! Beautiful, bittersweet rendering of it in song form. I like the harp solos, it emphasises the melancholy.