I'm Tired Of Mopping Floors

I'm Tired Of Mopping Floors

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Liner Notes: 

I had just woke up and spotted the pee on the kitchen floor. I made my coffee and wrote this song. After mopping the kitchen I started working on the audio. I had my capo on and the guitar sounded right but when I added VST bass it was out of tune. I did what I could to fix it but it still is slightly out of tune. I made this track in Ableton Live. The guitar solo..lol..I had two tries as my fingers are as soft as a baby's ass right now. It actually did take me about 4 hours. I've got to get the production time down as it's just too much. Thanks for listening.

Update: This song has been updated to version 2 July 27, 2019


I'm Tired Of Mopping Floors

I'm tired of mopping floors
Just like I did the day before
I'm tired of mopping floors
One of my daily chores

I just woke up and found the spot
Doggy pee and it's a lot
Haven't even had my coffee
Now this one is on me
If I don't do it that nobody will
I just took my morning pills
I'm drinking first and then I'll start
I know exactly where she left her mark


Looks like the living room needs a sweep
It looked okay before I went to sleep
My mind is cloudy and I cannot see
But in the kitchen, I spotted the pee
I really wanted to let it slide
But I cannot deal with pee inside
I want to just sit here and think
But I better get moving before it stinks


Too early for doing housework
I just got my coffee as it finished the perk
No use crying over spilled pee pee, just do it

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the music has the tired lumbering sound of too many menial chores chipping away at the precious hours, perfect dor the lyrics. i like that harmonica breakm so brief that i wonder if i really heard it.

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oy what a slice of life and the smells........ Thanks for sharing.

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new song I like it bro. It has a good title and great lyrics.

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Nice one i have a small dog Ruby is her name who is very old 17 years and she sometimes wees on the kitchen floor overnight so i can relate to this and last year her sister Maggie died she was 18 years old and she did the same thing so we bought these big absorbent mats and it worked so try it then write a sequel.

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Great humourous take on a definitely frustrating situation.
As @billwhite51 said, the pace of this really gets across the idea of menial chores.
Nice guitar solo, too!

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A humorous take on dog ownership. I love it!

Another mundane song of simple duty. You just gotta do it, so you do it. This is an enjoyable track with a little shy harmonica part. and yup there's another solo just coming in there like, "alright, I'm sick of this". Cool tune.

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You know what, Jerry, the first thing that I thought was how good the acoustic guitar sounds! Not out of tune at all. All the music is awesome. The "jazz" chords of the piano give Charlie Brown theme feeling and bass even plays some chord inversions. Add the side stick drumming and you've got some fresh piece of music. I like it so much that I'd like to copy that style sometimes!

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Listened back then and I'm commenting now, for I remembered the line 'I'm tired of mopping floors'. That piano is giving this song a lot of extras. I seriously think this is one of your best. The 'I just got to do it' is so relatable... having done lots of stuff I didn't want to, but had to. Good for focussing lol.