Love is staying in

Love is staying in

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8 Love is staying in - 50/90 2019


Liner Notes: 

Thanks to @kahlo2013 for this lyric, hope I did it justice. Cheers to @metalfoot for running the random collabs!


looking up to the sky
clouds drifting by
shapes of you and me
how we used to be
some time ago

softly touching
moving slowly...

love is staying in
it’s lingering in my heart
love is holding on
it’s simmering in my soul

love is staying in
love is holding on
love is lasting long
long after you’ve gone

looking out to the sea
waves breaking free
sounds of you and me
how we used to be
before we let go

gently flowing
growing quickly

you walked away
but left shadows deep within me
your ghost still haunts my heart


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Valerie Cox's picture

This was a good pairing. Liz writes great lyrics and you bring them to life beautifully. I like how you go from fingerpicking to strumming. Ads to the texture and dynamics. Very effective. The bridge really pops out. Nice, clean, beautiful high notes in the chorus. Lovely song.

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I really like the classic pop song feeling that's both in the lyrics and in the music. Righteous Brothers or some musical play ballad kind of thing. It all has a tremendous flow and feeling. Very nice performance too. Great collab.

billwhite51's picture

i am hearing echoes of 1970s period Elvis Presley in your melodies and performance here. He would have loved songing this song and it would have been one of his most memorable songs of his late period.

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Oh, lovely collab here Tina and Liz! What a great combo and a wonderful result. Tune is splendid and the lyric is touching.

Jerry Pettit's picture

A great pairing of lyrics and an nice emotional performance by Tina here. I always enjoy what you guys do--nice collab. (First verse reminded me perhaps a little too much of "Starry, Starry Night". I struggle with trying to come up with "unique" melodies. Not my personal strength). Good job!

3tdoan's picture

Oh bloody hell you’re right about Starry starry night! Ughhhh. Stoopid thing is that I was focused on the chorus melody which I had to change because I’d accidentally ripped off ABBA hahahah. (who rips off ABBA and Don McLean in the one song? THIS GIRL)

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If you are talking about the song Vincent! Thats only very vaguely similar. You'd easy win that one! I play it regularly, different chords different notes in the melody, easily pass the test

DeannaSweidel's picture

What a beautiful collab! The two of you randomly paired up was magical. Music perfect for the lyrics. So much feeling in both. Very well done <3

ductapeguy's picture

That is stellar. The ebb and flows in the music are transfixing and its a classic love song.

Tim Fatchen's picture

This is another pairing where the whole song comes across seamlessly, lyrics, music, presentation. (Oh i must practise, I keep telling myself). Tina, lovely. Liz, you know what I think but I'll say it again, you have a magic touch with lyrics and I boggle at your volume of quality output! EDIT dammit I forgot the most stops when you hit "save". Back to it!

splittybooms's picture

[@kahlo2013} is one of my favorite songwriters here.
Pairing up with that gentle yet powerful voice was perfect.
I love the feel of this - great rhythm to the chorus, love the melody decisions made. Definitely a rock-back-and-forth-in-the-chair feel to the chorus, with a look down at the ground and reflect vibe to the verses.
Just an awesome collab resulting in a quite beautiful song.

Kristi's picture

Wonderful descriptions in the lyric. I'm right there with the clouds and the sea....and really like how you compare the couple with the naturalness of both. The chorus holds much longing and hope. The music is lovely & I like its gentleness. It complements the lyric beautifully. The vocal has a heartfelt sincerity to it.The bridge is a cool surprise and really effective both lyrically and musically. Great collab!

cindyrella's picture

I hate that I missed this and am loving it now. Excellent collab! Beautiful

katpiercemusic's picture

The music really does float like clouds. Beautiful! That chorus though! The lyrics are wonderful, and the music fits so well! Descriptive both musically and lyrically. I'm so glad I get to take a moment to catch up on some of my listening!