47th and Latona

47th and Latona

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I bought her a pizza
She ate it
Then it was gone
Then she was gone.
I wonder what was eating her.

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Rhythmically snaps fingers, sips tea and nods beret cladded head. This is the way to do beatnick poetry. Well done.

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Yes, that's a great track, and for an "album"; a great between songs song setup even. Moreover, it's good to post a short one after a long one or risk folks not listening since would expect, well, anything. It is best to keep folks guessing Smile Well, so to speak. One's gotta keep their wits, about them, or was it the other? Wink (so funny...)

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That was unexpected in every way - the unusual progression, the lyrics. Stretching the definition of a song, I like it.

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Clever snapshot piece! I like the discordance musically which matches the uncomfortable lyric feel. Nice sometimes to be left asking questions.

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Witty. As ustaknow suggested it feels like a little vignette for an album sitting between full tracks.

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Surprising, funny and serious. The first guitar chord is like a summer breeze but soon the clunky air conditioning kicks in while the sincere offer of a man is consumed without even a thank you by this petty woman. Nice way to explore the boundaries of a song by condensing it.