Canadian Boards

Canadian Boards

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Liner Notes: 

I started layering synths on top of synths and it reminded me a bit of Boards of Canada, hence the name.

Side note, I'm really starting to enjoy Ableton!

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I don't know Boards of Canada, but I like this. It's a good wake track. I'm a timbre/tone color snob and this fits into my preferred spectrum. Very warm tones with just little splashes of brightness. It's super relaxing.

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I like that opening sound, very cool. And nice build into the song. Really nice pacing as the bass line comes in, and it's not super low, not a bass cliche.

Nice dynamics, it has enough variation to keep it interesting. I like the samples that drop in around 2:00, fun stuff.

I like Boards of Canada, and I like this.

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I don't know the Boards of Canada or uh any electronic music, but this was enjoyable, kept my interest to the end. The movements of the melodies are really catchy. I do love how 50/90 expands my listening horizons Smile

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Eh Boards Of Canada nice. I love their song "Nothing Is Real" and other songs on Tomorrow's Harvest. This is a cool song, I like the sounds and how it adds more before the 2 minute mark. This has a neat feel, the synths sound cool. I like this kind of sound a lot. I call it Sonic Mega Collection menu music sounds. Cool track!