If I'm Blind

If I'm Blind

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Liner Notes: 

This is for the morph chain, so if you're morphing, look away. Morph challenge link: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/july-morph-1-recording-challenge

For everyone else, I took this dark and deeply interesting song from @plainwhitetoast: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/36766, monkeyed around with it for a few days and came up with this new song.

Morph-wise, I kept:
A lot of chords, melody, lyric, tempo, 4/4 time, vocal slidey-ness, guitar/drums instrumentation, most song structure

And changed exactly 51%, including:
Some chords, melody, quite a few words and metaphors, key (up a step), some sparser guitar in places, cut verse and 2 intro measures, added spotty harmonies


Dark before the dawn, awake from stealing sleep, the
Ambulance alarms, a few feet down the street, in
Furtive, fleeting flight, starts a tock tick talking story
It’s a red light morning with a brand-new interrogatory

lazy Susan spins, dark times are coming faster
Fortune cookie sins, my recipe, disaster
Shut the pantry doors, shut out what might come after
Tablespoon of tears, add in an ounce of laughter

I've been told, what I don't know
if it’s a lie or if it's so (and so)
1 part rhyme, 1 part reason
If I’m blind, I might be leading

Baked inside a pie, crust of humiliation
Standing idly by, la la la, long lost relations
Knowing which is right, the sides adjacently
I'm finding comfort in complacency

Days are blackened birds, congealed in V’s and X’es
Forward and backwards, writing the sky, connected
Telephone lines, wires pushing information
Knowing what’s right, our habit and our invocation

I've been told, what I don't know
if it’s a lie or if it's so (and so)
2 parts rhyme, 1 part reason
If I’m blind, I might be leading

If I'm blind, hallucinating light
State of mind, recuperating sight
If I’m blind, hallucinating
State my mind, my mind

I've been told, what now I know
Which are lies and which are so (and so)
3 parts rhyme, 1 part reason
Now that I’m blind, I find I’m leaving

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I love the shades of gray you find in the juxtaposition of all the antonyms. This is some Dylan level cryptic poetry here. The arrangement and harmonies are complex and mesmerising.

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Really digging the groove here. The meter in the choruses gives this a very cool inertia, like you're falling forward into the next line. The tune has its own natural rhythm that could move itself without the drums to sit in.
Very cool rhymes, I particularly like the rhythms of "tock tick talking story / brand-new interrogatory".

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I love this, John! I am so glad after posting my morph that followed Sonya’s I can come back and listen! I really like the groove you have going and the sentiment you conveyed! Wonderful chorus! And the hallucinations you speak of are perfect for the morph I did!

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I really like this!

There’s some great lyrical wordplay in here which, when put together with that great music, gives it a wonderful Finn Brothers-esque feel.

Great work!

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I love the way you speed through the words which i suspect mean more than I get from them in the first listen, but may equally mostly be words that sounds good together. The double speed rhythm on the chorus with all the harmonies is awesome!

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"so and so" there's the high range

this could easily be a rock song without the lala's and harmony for the first half, then a hippy 70's song in the second half. interesting

love the upbeat tempo