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Liner Notes: 

I have several irons in the fire and I'm determined to see most of them to completion. This was an idea that I had earlier this week. If anyone hears it and would like to collab on it, let me know. We can change it up, expand on it...whatever.


Why can't u just take a hint and not say a word
Your petty lies and excuses I've already heard
There's nothing 2 us/ we no longer R a perfect match
Keep the memories since I can't get the time back

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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this is a fine piece of a song. te second time through yo made some inprovements to the phrasing. i look forward to hearing more of it if more of it is to come..

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Ooh those harmonies...Silky! I like the talking and the soul singing interspersed. Great vox. Keep working on this it's a winner

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I think this is a whole song! In 5090s past, we've done 30-second challenges, and I think minute challenges, too - the main components of a song in that time span. Yours qualifies. And it's awesome, too - I'm listening again!
Of course, you could spin this out and I'd keep right on listening. Sultry-yet-urgent soul like you do so well.

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Oh yeah, this is a finished song right here.
Great meta lyrics.
Really nice backing track, too.

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Wow! Your sound is so clean and polished sounding! I'm in awe. I love the talking bits too. Super funky. Good luck on a finish.

A nice burpy non-busy fretless Bass (maybe a bit stecato even) would mix nice. Yeah, as I read and knee jerk think, react, it’s possibly all there now, length will come with artful repeats possibly; four count anacrusis; and outro “stuff”; the whole story is there so speak.

I don’t know your work; will come back.

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How'd I miss this!
You know I'm digging the vibe of the music; unique sound warbling throughout but its got a good musical quality to it that everything else just sort of sits on and rides.
Excellent vocal harmonies and melody...sounds quite nice indeed.
I'd be interested to hear what else you do to this!