How Could I Tell You So

How Could I Tell You So

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Liner Notes: 

Not sure which genre would be best. Would depend on the music. Would love to collab on this one.


How Could I Tell You So
© 2019 Cindy Prince

You walked in
My knees caved
The room began to spin around

You saw me
Then you waved
I think I made a guttural sound

I began to feel dizzy
The floor dropped away
I tried to look busy
Didn't know what to say
I was feeling shaky
Didn't want you to know
I wanted you to take me
But how could I tell you so

I had been stupid
Didn't value my own worth
So I let you go
When you were my earth, moon, and stars

You came over
Then that smile
I felt as if no time had passed

Your eyes shined
My heart ran wild
I came back to life at last

Repeat chorus

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Some very physical ways of showing the emotion of the singer. Well done!

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I like that hook! And the line "The floor dropped away" is very vivid. Great way to show the emotions there! Good job capturing those moments, Cindy!