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Liner Notes: 

this is a person who has broken up with his
girl, and is sitting in his apartment window
over looking the city, and reflecting back to
that night, while he's hurting

Hope this works

Thanx for your feedback guys



black clouds roll in over my city, again
smell of the rain is so intoxicating
next doors thunder merges with the beeping cars
coats go running home, after the bars

and I'm just watching
observing the world
from a room in the sky
as I quietly hurt

this is the worst, will I ever learn

my mind goes drifting back there
back to the scene, where she leaves
I can still see all those shadows
and reflections of lights in her street

stood shaking in a little black dress
wind won't let her lite her cigarette
she pauses and she takes a deep breath
I could tell that she'd been crying 

now I'm just watching
observing the world
from a room in the sky
as I quietly hurt

why won't love work, I must be cursed

so who'ma gonna turn my attention to
scruffy little man sitting on the wall below
all he's doing is feeding the pigeons
I just wanna go, and exit this window

but it's too cold, maybe tomorrow

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Powerful imagery - I love "thunder merges with the beeping cars, coats go running home after the bars". A lot of sensory description that sucks me in to the world of the song

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Very strong lyric, paints the picture well. Foxed my sing in the head by slipping a rhyme in the first verse ( ABCC) then no more - my brain was looking for the next one!

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That line is haunting - as I quietly hurt. Life is going on around him and he's feeling this pain. Great story.