(I'm Not A) Prospective Buyer

(I'm Not A) Prospective Buyer

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Liner Notes: 

greetings friends. feel free to put music to this... or maybe i'll get to it; we'll see.



give me an hour of your
time, and i'll fill it with
joy if i can
and if i may

(i'd) like to take a tour of the
(but) i have no intentions here to

verse 1:

you seem well respected, and
strike the fairest deal
(but) i can't say i'm ready to acc-

(i) quite like the idea of this
master bed and bath,
(but) give me, please, some time to think it

[repeat chorus]

verse 2:

i am well assured that this won't
last for very long,
(but) i can't say i'm ready to comm-

(i) quite like the idea of the
furnished cellar space,
(but) give me, please, some time, if you will

[repeate chorus]


i think that you can con-
clude that
i'm not a prospective

please don't be offended if i've
wasted all your time,
(i) can't say that i'm courteous of
you making a dime

(but) maybe down the road, you will
sell it with a seal, and
maybe down the road, i'll be
in it just for real

[1 bar pause/fermata/whatever]

[repeat chorus... fuller instrumentation this time?]

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I totally get this!
I am not a real estate agent, but I do work in a jewelry store and this could easily be changed to suit those that do the same thing there (coming in and looking at diamonds for hours with no intent to buy). Nature of the sales business. Biggrin