'No one can replace You'

'No one can replace You'

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Liner Notes: 

Another day, another suicide. A 14 year old boy. It is impossible to read without tears. Old story: bullying. I sincerely hope that one day bullies will answer in front of the law for their actions. Too easy to chose someone and tornment without every being punished or cought. And the results of bulling can last life time and sometimes people don't want to continue living as they don't see the way out. My heart goes out for everyone who suffer. I'm sure many of us can recall bulling and the devastating effects of this. My song is about the consequences of bulling leading to a tragic loss. I just had to write it as I felt the need to express my sorrow. The information about Sam is published in many papers today. One of them is www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/uk-news/first-picture-boy-sam-connor-16602101
Here is my working demo to my initially posted lyrics.


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The story is so heartbreaking and your writing shows your emotions so well. I hate all this bullying. I had a former teacher tell me she thought bullying
was a good thing-that it made you tougher! I had a few choice words to say to her!
This is beautiful.

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exceptional poem on a vital subject, i found that it is nt only the extreme actins of bullying that can lead one into suicidal depression, but the ordinary actions of peope who mean no harm but who are dismissive of others in neutral situations. it is important to treat every person who crosses your path as an angel. we say we try to fo good and are unaware of the hurt we can cause through indifference. i had this epiphany while a writer for a daily newspaper.. i was reviewing a concert that took place on the grass of the local zoo and someone who must have been a volunteer escorted me to the VIP section and brought me the complementary picnic basket filled with food and drink, he gave me exrea service throughout the concert and when it was over and i was leaving, stopped me to ask several qustions about my work, of which it turned out he was a fan. i spent much time talking with him, as i realized the encounter meant something to him, and after that i resolved to treat everybody with the highest regard because it struck me that had i not treated this manas such, my indifference may have caused anger and sadness that might have led to negative thoughts and actions i nly say this to ephasize that it is not only extreme behavior that can cause extree reactions, but the daily indifference we take for granted that can spread the disease of despair throughout the world, your words in this poem are so true, no one can replace you, and, as blake said, every thing that lives is holy

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It does sadden me to hear about children killing themselves over bullying. There was a very direct way we used to deal with bully when I was growing up. Yes, there was the occasional retaliation of fists, but most of the times the parents were involved and the issue was resolved. Yours is indeed a sad ode to this young man, but at least in some small way he is not forgotten. Thank you for caring.

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Lovely song with lovely lyrics. Your piano almost has a harpsichord quality to it--I like it for this song.

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The dark chord choices suit this tragic subject. If only every person could realise their own worth, but that's what bullies chip away at Sad