Are You Really Gonna Marry That Guy?

Are You Really Gonna Marry That Guy?

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Liner Notes: 

disclaimer....the creepy glam guy is me, the story is based on an event from my early days as a socially obnoxious glam rocker, no offense to dolly parton. i adore her.


It was a teenage party
All the kids had arrived
There was a knock at the door
And you opened it
It Was one of those glam kids
All decked out like a girl
You asked who he was
And he kissed you

Are you really going to marry that guy
He looks ike Dolly Parton without the tits
Are you really going to marry that guy
Youre only sixteen years old
You better think about it

You gave me back my ring
His arm around your waist
He said Its Time To Leave
Im down on my knees
where are you gonna go
To an orgy with the cast
Of the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Repeat chorus twice

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This lyric is so obvious and simple that it becomes special I feel. It reminds me of something Morrisey would do.

"There was a knock at the door
And you opened it"

Also love the imagery. Dolly Parton without the tits. Very powerful visuals there.

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Oh there is so much to like about this one! Hook, lines, and sinker!

I like it.

Great melody, clean recording. Again, you are recording well these days, no backup singers from the next building.

-- What stuck out to me?, was if to, -- not go for the "expected", if that's possible with Dolly Parton.

So, did Hitchcock say/preach?, "show the bomb, show the people, show the count down, but cut away for the explosion"? (Don't provide the expected.) So, being so rude as I am Wink want to say what came to mind, -- "...Dolly Parton without the wit", or wits. Dolly had wit and plenty of wits about her, maybe "wit".

So, more unsolicited useless commentary from the USA for you! Smile Smile Smile Or, just leave it alone, too.

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Great. Love the hook, some fine imagery, and builds a vivid picture Just one thing I have to know..........did she?

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Reading the lyrics....oh my god the Dolly Parton line is so funny! Pretty good Bill and I'm ready for the audio now. Hold. Sounds the chorus. Love the tempo changes. Vocals sound good and guitar. Catchy chorus. Awesome Bill, I enjoyed it.

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I missed the whole glam rock scene--I think I was raising kids or something. Hard to picture you there, Bill! GREAT chorus on this and, as I've been saying, really nicely emoted vocal!

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Yup the dolly parton line is clever in so many ways! Love the pace on this and the way you ignore the obvious rhyme and then slip one in later. Very good

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You mention the Rocky Horror Picture Show and indeed I can imagine this in that show.
You did the Time Warp and came up with this. The chorus sold it to me completely.
Glam rock was strange, boys dressing as girls to attract girls.

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This was great! I had a laugh at the image of a guy that looks like a flat chested Dolly P! Biggrin Great melody for the hook

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That title is clickbait for sure Biggrin Very funny imagery there, poor Dolly, and poor teenage you!

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Great character images, wonderfully expressive vocals and different voices, and quirky good fun! Love that chorus.

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I adore that chorus! I laughed out loud at the Dolly Parton line. A wonderfully visual set of lyrics; I love the humour in this.

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Brilliant hook on your chorus and some rather vivid imagery throughout. Nicely done