They Didn't Call it Socialism

They Didn't Call it Socialism

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Liner Notes: 

I saw a post on Twitter yesterday, and wrote some of this down yesterday, and finished (those it needs tweaking) this morning.


They Didn't Call That Socialism
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Cherry picking yet again
This is nothing new
Angry remarks from the right
Seems it is what they do

This is only their latest
But they do it all the time
Instilling both fear and hatred
Acting as if it's only on their dime

They didn't call is socialism
When all the banks were saved
Nor when a trillion went to oil
Of course not any subsidies
God does it make my blood boil

Their smug faces
Their dishonest eyes
Playing games
With others lives

There are problems on both sides
False claims are everywhere
But spreading hate is despicable
It's a tactic to build up fear

Repeat chorus

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Fuzzy's picture

As a Canadian, I guess I live in a "socialist" nation.
I gotta tell ya, it's actually pretty sweet up here.
Good lyrics; your anger and frustration really comes through.

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Nice. Makes my blood boil when i hear the term socialism is used like its evil!

benjo's picture

very nice write

This is a strong message
you say it how it is
powerfull lines
a great story well told

Elesimo's picture

I love these lyrics, and that you're exposing their hypocrisy!

headfirstonly's picture

"God does it make my blood boil" - you and me both. Any time I switch on the news at the moment it's a toss-up between whether I'll be overwhelmed by anger or despair. This captures that sentiment exactly.