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Liner Notes: 

this lyric came to me after reading an artical
on a priest molestation case
and it threw up some questions
in my own head so I wrote them down
I'm not a believer in god and such
but do respect those that do believe
and I wondered are there people out there that hide behind being a priest, vicar, and so on

this is writen with the greatest respect

and comes from my own frustrations

Thanx for your feedback guys



am I entitled to a sin, father
will he forgive me in a whim, father
I have drunk away the wine, father
and I have fallen on the lines

do you see where I'm coming from
I've been doing what I know is wrong
and then I'll come confess to you
and you'll tell me I'm just confused

can I hang my troubles here, father
will you listen to me cry, father
will you prove he's in the sky, father
and will I go there when I die

do you see where I'm coming from
I seem weaker than you are strong
you are human but you don't belong
hiding behind the preyers and songs

so, go ring the bells out to the world
to love all others put upon this earth
all creatures small all creatures great
and don't forget to lock the gates

do you practice what you preach, father
is your sorrow in your speach, father
has your dark side come to light, father
and do you really shine that bright

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Pretty heavy stuff. I think it was a good choice writing this all in questions. I like how the doubt starts out self directed and then transfers.