Something You Can't Control

Something You Can't Control

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Liner Notes: 

Since FAWM, I've been writing lyrics, so am hoping I can musicate them in 50/90. This one is insanely me, over the top and vocally strange, this is what happens to you when you grow up listening to Streisand LOL!! It is probably going to be difficult to listen to since it doesn't give you a break, but it is out and I can move on. This was inspired by a friend of mine who is a control freak, OCD.


Something You Can't Control
by Tammy Jann
© 2019

do you believe in the Northern Lights
do you believe someone painted the sky
how will you know that it isn't a lie
if you don't see it with your own eyes

can you fall in love with a special place
can you fall in love with a special face
what will happen if you're set ablaze
if you don't know how to keep your heart safe

Sometimes you have to let go
of what you see and believe
this is something you can't control
Sometimes it will take a toll
be strong and hold on
this is something you can't control

do you believe what a witch foretells
do you believe in magical spells
Is that something you'd put on a shelf
because you can't cast one yourself

can you fall in love forever after
can you fall for the fun and laughter
will it be enough to keep you captured
are you afraid you'll leave it in tatters

Sometimes you have to let go
of what you see and believe
this is something you can't control
Sometimes it will take a toll
be strong and hold on
this is something you can't control

Accept uncertainty
find new possibilities
change your destiny
set you mind free

Sometimes you have to let go
of what you see and believe
this is something you can't control
Sometimes it will take a toll
be strong and hold on
this is something you can't control

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Really like the guitar technique and sound you've got and the quality of your voice. A bit J Mitchell. I'll put you on watch list, nice work, real poise in the composition.

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Very nice chords and melody. Yes, I do believe in Nothern Lights, they do exist, especially in northern Lapland. Good and relatable sentiment in the lyrics. There is some Streisand in your voice but some Joni too. Great singing. Wonderful song.

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Hey Tams

this is a belter, WOW so many images to think about,
what a fantastic lyric
and well forget it on the voice, that's a given
beautiful delivery
loved the melody
a masterpiece by Tammy


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Good song with a valuable message. Beautiful chords and playing in the intro, and outro, too. You really conveyed the stressful hyper-vigilance of a ‘control freak’ in the urgent strumming and fast pace of the verse lines. And then the chorus provides a nice (and welcome) contrast with the full strum and pause and the more unbridled and soaring vocals, although the rush seems to catch up to it before the chorus is over. I think the bridge is an opportunity to make an even more distinctive contrast (just a change in intensity/tone/strumming rhythm, not chords/melody) to give the alternative some attention, and then return to the full-throated energetic chorus. Just some thoughts, since you seemed somewhat concerned in your liner notes. It’s so wonderful to hear you again!!

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Such an incredible song-beautiful with wonderfully strong lyrics and the chords coupled with your gorgeous vocals take my breath, honestly! Perfection, in my mind!

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you have the purest voice i have heard in a long while. and put to good use on such thoughtful lyrics, nice guitar playing as well,

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I'm A-OK with Streisand. I think your chorus is wonderful. It's so true that we sometimes have to let go of old beliefs because that is exactly what holds us back. We tend to limit ourselves through years of programmed thinking. Letting go and letting life is often the answer. Love these lyrics. Always a beautiful performance.

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I like the melodic arc in the first line, dramatic and well-done.

I like the message too, so many things in life are not sure things. There are risks. If you don't take any, you won't get much.

That chorus is very satisfying.

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Beautiful, Tammy! I like how the chorus releases at the end there, especially. And your vocal is free and easy as well....right along with the message. Lovely!

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I believe someone mentioned a Joni Mitchell style to this. I'm going to have to agree with that. I love the many messages with each verse. It did give me pause and I did think about what you've written and sung. This is gold AND a very teachable moment.

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Nice writing with a great message. Pretty good advice. Magical spells...oh, I love that. I'm ready to hear the audio now...hold. Nice guitar intro...really good playing. Love the singing and melody. Oh, the chorus is very strong. Some times...perfect pitch. Nice outro. Very good song and performance. One of the best I've heard this year. Congratulations on this...well done!

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This has all of your magic, Tammy. It's heartfelt, beautifully sung, and goes in musical places the listener probably didn't expect it. Love it!

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Great lyric! Love all those questions. After reading the intro it is not what I was expecting for OCD friend. Lovely!

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Very beautiful lyric, song and (of course) vocals. I hear more Joni than Barbra ... I like Bill's description of your voice as "pure." It sure is! Lovely.