Wisteria Reflects

Wisteria Reflects

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Liner Notes: 

Incidental music for Electric Catnip Season 1

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Incidental my arse. There's a purpose for everything you do. Wink
That marimba sound is the BEST.
You're such a tease!!!

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Love the increasingly haunting feel as it builds and leaves the listener in suspense. Cool swirly layers and great marimba walking through it.

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This is very beautiful and has a magical vibe. I could have listened to it a lot longer. I also like the marimba, you don't hear that very often in music anymore.

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Great atmospheric work.
Love the Mellotron flutes.
I know it's "incidental music", but it's still too short!!
Yeah, this is really nice!

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This feels to me like it's about to make a really sinister turn, but then it ends leaving me in suspense and looking over my shoulder. Smile

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Interesting full sound. The bells sound awesome. Very moody. Short but sweet. Great job on this.

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Wow, ineresting tonality. Flute, vibraphone, pools of glass waving in ripples of stones skipped across the surface. And some cool bells.

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Hold on a minute, wisteria and zinnia are flowers aren't they? Is this about cats or flowers?
Ok I'm going for cats named after flowers.
This was rather playful, like cats falling in love. I'm trying to think like a cat here to get inside the music.
Are these flowers cat aphrodisiacs?
Very nice piece of music this. Lush and voluptuous.