Wonder About You

Wonder About You

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Seeing you around
You have an air of mystery
The man of my dreams in disguise
The one who I also meet in my dreams
I wam wondering about you
What kind of fate are we in
We meet at the same place at the same time
This happens almost everytime

I wonder about you
Who you are
Could it be this fate
Fate could be telling us something
The stars could be messaging up
Could be a sign
Could it be destiny
I wonder about you

I just can't get you out of my mind
Your even in my dreams
Your like an angel in disguise
You have always been to me my guardian angel
Your often around
And your still around
I can never forget you
I always wonder about you

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billwhite51's picture

interesting idea. i always wondered where thise dream people, the ones we never met in waking lifem come from

benjo's picture

Yeah a lot of mystery about this
a very good story told well
I really dnjoyed reading this lyric
some strong lines and phrases

kahlo2013's picture

I love how this person lingers in the mind. There is both intrigue and longing. Well done!

cts's picture

I like how this "feels" mysterious. The song has an overall solid flow and I like how there is a feeling of want, but not quite desperation. Beautifully written.