Goodnight Air

Goodnight Air

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Liner Notes: 

Song is written in CFCGCE, and looks at young women escaping corrupt wealthy men, reminds me of the Epstein issues coming to the fore this week in US. This girl escaped.


Goodnight Air

Room is full, with smoke and stones
Dead end men, in dead end bones
The hours is late
The story told
A wistful girl in an all male world
And she smiles that knowing smile
And she takes her leave to catch their eye
And the room salutes her flowing hair as slips away in the goodnight air.
………….In the goodnight air.

Lights are low, crowd is tight,
Voices grow in a room so loud
Sweaty palms, of capital,
Privilege in poison soil
There was no chance she;d take the slide
As she saw their hungry eyes
All aghast at her vacant chair she slipped away to the goodnight air
… the goodnight air.
All aghast at her vacant chair she slipped away to the goodnight air
… the goodnight air.

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This is beautiful. I like the quiet restlessness of the guitar. I like that this is a simple song about things that didn't happen, but you never have to be explicit about what didn't happen. You leave that up to the listener.

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excellent portrait of a brothel,, the goodnight air is a wonderful image. the only line that bother e is the one about the all male worldm as plenty of women, as well as men, pay to abuse these young girls....and many ,establishments that sell sex, frm the brothels to burlesque shows, are owned and operated by women.

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Yes, you do have a consistent style, sound in your writing, and done well. As I said, I'll have to listen to more.

-- And, it seem you are not alone from Australia, but can't say Adelaide; big country you-all got down there Smile I'm still learning "it", the culture, regions and etc.

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Some great lines there - dead end men/bones, goodnight air. The use of different senses in the second section really paints the scene.