Inside The Lies

Inside The Lies

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Liner Notes: 

I am thinking this needs a little tweaking so I posted it for possible collabs
Prompt was 'inside the lies' from @tcelliot FB page "The Almost Daily Writing Prompt"


Inside The Lies
(c) 2019
Deanna Sweidel

Practice makes perfect
Or so they say
Perfected your art
Day after day

Paint quite a picture
Crafted with ease
You’re quite an artist
Pure expertise

You’ve mastered the art
Seen with my eyes
Oh how you color
Inside the lies

Worked on your design
So you could stray
Molded my love like
A brick of clay

You promised my heart
You would be true
Then painted my world
In greys and blues

You’ve mastered the art
Of truth’s disguise
Oh how you color
Inside the lies

Like famous artists
Your work’s displayed
Inside of my soul’s
Heartache and pain

You’ve mastered the art
That makes me cry
I know you color
Inside the lies

Oh I know you color
Inside the lies

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This is brilliant:
Oh how you color
Inside the lies
I like the small changes made to the choruses as you go along. And the artist analogy works perfectly.
Nicely done!

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"color inside the lies" is a great turn of phrase. Solid lyric again!

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Beautifully and intelligently crafted. I think the most chilling part was the analogy to the work being displayed, as though there were some perverse pride in the finished product of the singer’s torment and pain.

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Wonderful writing. Changing the phrasing slightly on successive choruses adds a lot of interest, and I really like the last one."You've mastered the art that makes me cry". Color inside the lies is a powerful word picture.