Pizza Face

Pizza Face

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Liner Notes: 

This is about a guy I used to know but the person telling the story is fictional.


Listen and be surprised

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I thoroughly enjoyed that! Story and backing track. More improv, please!

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Yup was fun ha ha he was an ugly MF ha ha.. Great saying Pizza face

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Nice to hear your talking voice even when I can't be sure if this is the way you normally talk. A bit of beat vibe here maybe, with the improvised backing and the storytelling. It doesn't have a poetic "aura" but rather a street smart thing. People should post more songs without the lyrics sheet because it makes you pay attention to the whole instead of reading the lyrics and hearing the music as something separate. I enjoyed this. It took me to another place for a while.

Interesting track! Nice idomatic accent, of a kind too.

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I want to know what exact toddler instruments you used, cause it sounds dang good. Wouldn't let work the counter cause it would be bad for business. Ha ha! That's too bad.

cts's picture's like I was in "fly on the wall" mode hearing a conversation in a cantina where there a hookas, tequilas, bowls of peanuts and a stale quietness inside. This is great improv and I'm going to borrow this style. I'm pretty sure of it! Wink

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Love the spoken word improv on that wonderful backdrop of music. Really wonderful sound and great perspective on story. I like how the self-transformation of this guy has provoked a degree of wonder and curiosity. I can think of a few people in high school who transformed where others are scratching their heads wondering what happened and trying to process how someone who was once ridiculed is now in a position of what seems like superiority. Very insightful.

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This was a nice change of pace ... love all the little stuff going on in the background ... adds a slightly eerie atmosphere ... "a motherf*cking snob"!

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Oh this is superb!! Reminds me of Frank Zappa. Some of the lines in here had me laughing out loud. Loved it. That guiter looping around a simple pattern in the background keeps you mesmerised.

jcollins's picture face... you're in the wrong place my friend.....still an ugly The vocals are killing me...a real makeover...I couldn't believe for his entire face I hear rattles and guitar noodling. It don't work on a movie that guy in the xfiles. He didn't have no real friends. This reminds me of Richard Pryor a little bit. Still, quite unique and original. Yeah, Bill, a lot of personality going on in this track. I like it!