Sitting on the Asphalt

Sitting on the Asphalt

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Liner Notes: 

My first duet writing from the POV of two of our electric cars that my wife and I named Louie (a lease Smart fortwo) and Henry (Ford Focus Electric). Henry as a California DMV car for 18 months then to auctions with very few miles, and Louie as a car that sat on a dealer lot for a long time. Heavily influenced by reading Stephen Sondheim lyric books.


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Sitting on the Asphalt (Henry, Louie)
{Henry} Two years in California didn’t see many faces
{Louie} Two years in Naples Florida, didn’t see many places
{Both} (B7) Just the long shadows every few months an inside meeting
{Henry} I only heard about the Pacific Highway
{Louie} I only heard about Vanderbilt Drive
(B7) Just the stories the guys and gals would tell they didn’t even know I was alive

Chorus {Both}
Spend most of my days sitting on the asphalt
Baking in the blazing California(Florida) sun
Got the air conditioner running
Nobody wants me to have any fun

{Henry} Four thousand miles doesn’t seem very far
{Louie} Seventy miles of everybody worrying about getting a charge
{Both} (B7) In the back of this parking lot the black, the heat, the steaming
{Henry} I only heard about the Beverly Hills
{Louie} I only heard about 5th Avenue
{Both} (B7) Just the dreams they talked about (I overheard) but they wouldn’t even know what to do

Repeat Chorus

Bridge {Both}
All I want to do is drive
And squeal these tires
Get me up on the line
I’ll surprise these ICE guys every time

{Henry} Sitting on the auction block seems like nobody wants me
{Louie} Passed over like last years news rejection still haunts me
{Both} (B7) Take me away to a better place where I can be free

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Wow, what a picture you've painted (although when I first read the title I thought it said, 'Sittin' on the Alphabet"! Good song!

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the double vocals with the delay is cool, i like the feel of this and the mood the guitar sound imparts. .

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Interesting! How you've done it gives the feeling of musical complexity, yet the chords are actually not L. Well done. Id love an electric car!

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Well done. Yes, well, I think you know I am pro-green. I also own allot of Ford Stock Wink so... yeah, keep buying'em Smile hahhh. My only concern is the manufacturing and disposal process.

This makes me think of my baby-boomer neighbor and 50 years of pouring his oil changes along his house, garage foundations and with household water wells still in use in the area.

Anyway, -- derUgo! Smile Correct persistence makes change.

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What an interesting song! Loving cars, having grown up in California and having lived in Florida three times, I really connected with the lyrics and the double almost-spoken voices are so cool! Clever!

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Man, there are a ton of car songs, but this the the first I can think of from the point of view of the cars! Cool. Smile