La La Lullaby

La La Lullaby

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Liner Notes: 

Was thinking about my newest Grandson and this came. Needs some soft lullaby music.


La La Lullaby
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Sweet babe
I'll hold you close
My love I'll whisper to you

Darling child
I'll kiss your nose
Then each one of your eyes too

La la lullaby
Don't cry
Tis nigh
Time for bed
La la lullaby
Hush dear
Don't fear
I'll kiss your head

Young one
I'll sing to you
Listen to Mother's song

Soft hon
Smile and coo
Dreamtime is coming along

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Ooohhh! So sweet. I bet he's adorable! Such a nice set of lyrics. I hope you sing these to him.

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Love it and I know where it comes when you write from your heart.....

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I especially adore that part in the middle (the chorus ?) that starts 'La la lullaby' - it's so sweet and is just perfect Smile Please let me know if this gets musicated Smile

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Ah...grandbabies and the songs they pull from the soul! La la lullaby...what a versatile line--could be sung in so many ways.