Get Me Outta Here

Get Me Outta Here

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Liner Notes: 

Based on a book I almost read...with some personal remnants of my old Maine life mixed in lol

Okay, I'm over it now lol

Just a goofy'll see...


"I Gotta Get Outta Here"
©2019 Write & Wrong

My relatives are shady
A new form of trailer trash
They are all psycho crazy
And need more than grass
To cover their ass

Get me outta here
Get me outta here

My friends are all insane freaks
Playing pretend air guitars
Always working on technique
I run when they play in bars
Watching pains me hard

Get me outta here
Get me outta here

My romantic scene is dim
All are dreadfully depressed
Drinkin' their whiskey and gin
Due to issues they've repressed
I'm so not impressed

Get me outta here
Get me outta here

Arizona or Cali
Is where I wanna be at
Maybe San Juaquin Valley
Or Sedona or Flagstaff
To find my own path

Get me outta here
Get me outta here

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This is a bit of crazy quirky fun with a sentiment that many feel! The vivid descriptions in the verses were great and I liked the contrast with the short smile chorus!

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And escapism song is always good. Playing air guitar and working on their technique just made me laugh. So wonderfullly ridiculous. Smile

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Yes, it's a bit goofy but there is also more serious side like the more or less obvious teenage angst, "lower class" environment and the desperate need to rise above it all. I hope she makes it. Well written lyrics.

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Aw. I hear you. I'm always wondering how I ended up where I am!

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Fun tune, I think I know a few of these people too. I like the folks working on air guitar technique.

And the bleak drunk and depressed romantic possibilities.

And I notice Delaware was not on your list of destinations... oh well! Sedona and Flagstaff are certainly nice.