The Blackbird

The Blackbird

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The summer sunshine out to play
I have music playing on my mind
About in this sizzling heatwave
Out and about in the big wide world
I'm looking out for my destiny

I am looking for the place I need to be
I hope I can find my destiny
The place in the world for me
But at least I can still find the solutions
I can bury the hachet to what' been bothering me

Just like the blackbird on the wall I will spread my wings
It's time for me to fly off well away
I'll be frying free
Not the time to be standing still perched on the garden wall
Time for me to fly off as soon as I can

Like a bird I can't stay caged up forever more
Time to make a stand
Searching for good fortune
I need all the good luck on my side this time
Just like the blackbird I'll keep flying on high up

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Wonderfully poetic way to express the desire for something different. The analogy with the similes and metaphors of the blackbird is perfect.