It Stays

It Stays

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Liner Notes: 

First of several songs begun on a ride along the shores of Michigan's UP on a glorious summer day


this place leaves impressions
fossils in my mind
hardened into oneness
embedded for all time
energy i carry through pages of my days
all the while forming sensibility that stays

it stays with me
it stays
it stays

we become the message
we become the words
we become the messenger
the flower and the bird
we become the song then the wild amazing flight
we fly off to the stars to come back down as light

it stays with me
it stays
it stays

All is transient permanent
unbound by this firmament
And yet

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Oooh! Well that's poetic! So much to like in this. "I'm particularly fond of that second verse "The flower and the bird" and the cyclical theme.

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Thanks so much, very happy you could see the theme. Sometimes I wonder if I lose the meaning I hope to convey, so yes, thanks muchly Biggrin

Again, nice framing for the listener to move "in".

And, seeing the comment you make, -- I don't see any loss. We can sing about a "trip" without explaining, -- "it". I guess it depends on if you mean it to be *your trip, or for whomever may listen? Well, -- how I see it, so not relevant, really Smile