Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower

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Liner Notes: 

Second of several songs begun this past weekend riding along the shores of Lake Michigan on Hwy 2, in all it's inimitable glory. One of my favorite drives. This time, I got to be passenger for a hundred miles. And to think.


Vs 1
yellow flower
side of the road
seagrass and plover
Water’s cold (I know)
but I'm driving

i know this by heart
every longing every mile
i know these parts
ive been traveling awhile
ive been traveling awhile

Repeat Refrain

Vs 2
blacktop rumble
the passing lane
memory mumbles
some sad refrain (I know)
and I'm driving

how is life this way
where you go you cannot stay
you cannot wander can’t get lost
though you may want to
can’t feel my toes in soft warm sand
ever shifting only wishing you could hold my hand

Repeat Refrain

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Appreciate the kind word, cindyrella Smile I love that you can feel it, makes me happy

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Sounds like a long car drive where you want to stop at a tourist attraction but never do due to time constraints. Good one.

Great way to write, leaving a nice frame for the listener to fill in their mind-pictures with.