Ain't Been No Disney Ride

Ain't Been No Disney Ride

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Liner Notes: 

Ah, yes, yet another, end-o-day 5 min write, it was, then, now done. Well, except for musication Smile


It’s river spring rains, whiskey
I'll have a glass...
Let it flow..., into me fast 
Let it fill, my shivering bed,

If that, river's whiskey red
Then I'll take a knee...
Let it flow, all over me
Let it fill my livers dread,

I ain't weak kneed
I'm just in need
Life's flow over me, no clowns only shred
Let it fill my shivers bled

Now see Blackbird's, singing in the tree
Says, come over here, try to be me
We've got a sweet song, but it's one of need
It’s river spring rains whiskey, we'll be set free then
I'll have a glass, let it flow into me fast

(c) 2019 ustaknow (alias) 

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oh yeah get the slightly drunk sound voice onto this ! good description of the alcohol feed

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@coolparadiso - yes, I was thinking done as some, obvious, almost cliche if that's possible, "blues" track (a good thing). But, I'm not sure I can pull that off, how I'd like to do it, -- well as I hear "well" Smile But, that thought was going through my head when dashing this off.

I think, late night, end of day, I tend to unwind by watching "old sci-fi" (?), which tends to be just "old west" stories Smile and has so much drinking, -- as if one could drink that much that way, aye!

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I came for the title, the lyrics are clever, and I love the line “It’s river spring rains whisky.”