Foundry of Fools

Foundry of Fools

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Liner Notes: 

Ah, likely my last 5 min write for todays lunch. This one was jotted down, 02April'19, likely a "mourning-morning-write" as I do, do Smile

So, spent a bit of time on this one, finishing/framing it out for now, here, -- since not "literal", but it makes perfect sense to me! Wink

So, not for you literal folks, rather the "mind-picture" folks as I call it.


[Your ignorance is treason]

Your ignorant reason

[Your arrogance proud reason]

Your arrogant proud treason
C D // // E sus
You sleep deep, your coffin‘n wheeze'n

Your fish-kills dye, rebirths your name of please’n
Meat puppet, talking heads pan heads pan heads
D Esus
Constipate so many arms, now again, fisting their dread

Yes the true walking dead..., dream on dream on
You gotta ask yourself one question punk
E sus // //
Do you have a rich kids view of, spunk

If you can even ask, as you do do, spunk’n
D E sus
Your ignorance you’re wear’n, as a heavy paper badge
E sus // // // //
Of imma left king rage’n, rag… [days skies, nag]

It’s your,barbwire cage, to be left right spade..., rise
So dig deep your whole, but not, in Holy ground
D E sus // // // //
We’ve prepared a special place..., for you ill found

E /
The foundry of fools, swimming in their pools
Big fish big fish no water, none to quarter wolves
E sus // // // //
Big fish little fish, - never had shoulders, to Schule

(c) 2019 ustaknow (alias)

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that is a good lyric mate! interesting and little internal rhymes poke there heads up when you least expect. I feel Dylanesque music A minor for me! hows that!!!