Rein From the Sun

Rein From the Sun


Liner Notes: 

I'm having a productive lunch time today!

So, yes this too, just now finished, and from 06April'10, 1:10 am, 5 min write, -- yeah 1 am is or is not a good time to write a lyric Smile

-- And, as most know of me, I do have typos 'cause I type really fast and rarely correct it; however, "usually" not in *Lyrics so, *Rein, not rain *is the word... works literally if you think about it? Smile

Tso, derUgo!


Rein from the sun, pull the birds in
Fish took the sky, and stars went to oceans
Feathers burned bright but never out
And then God said, silent with a shout...

Send back the reins and make them wet
Stars boil the oceans, and make'em run red
Feathers caress the skin, of all my children's dread
Don't make me come down there, you'll all be put out then

And so it was, one night bright
Fitful dreams get MTV nights
Bad millennial music, all dressed up right
Sounds like sheit, no matter the kite

So, lessons be learned, don't go to bed late
Or you'll be writing bad dreams, oh, whatta fate
Do the right things, and don’t do’em late
Pull the covers up tight and good dreams’ll be your date
(c) 2019 ustaknow (alias)

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billwhite51's picture

looking for ward to hearing you sing this one. some lively lyrics here,

standup's picture

Pretty surrealistic. Might be fun NOT to reveal that it's a dream, perhaps

coolparadiso's picture

I missed this as well. Nice one. Very singable and a nice mix between surreal and homespun advice!

kahlo2013's picture

I like the final line a lot “let good dreams be your date” amid many of the other wonderful lines and references!