Cathedral of The Lonely and Damned

Cathedral of The Lonely and Damned

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Liner Notes: 

This, -- as I comb through my 5 min writes, was from 18April'19, postFAWM/pre5090 and around the time that this track came out, that got reacted to:

-- An instrumental where I, as I comment presently too, attempting to "experiment", resurrect to break a box, -- for me simple/easy, channeling stuff ala '70's (much of it equipment driven, in terms of "sound"). Nevertheless guys like Jeff Beck got "away with it" Wink hahhh! (Love Beck for his noodling's, then Tracked.)

Anyway, so I was considering "Lyrics" for it then, *but, -- someone else got "moved" and we did what we did if care to find it, the several versions, -- thank you @billwhite51

So, just now, I "finished" it (?, maybe) -- seems so.
- And how to musicate it, remains? Good question. I don't think I want it's "spoken word" melody, rhythm. And, so it goes, and so it goes here, parked.

The thing of this, the music track and then my lyrics, and as I am told by Bill as well, (I had no idea ANYONE else was observing, feeling what I was in this regard (context of the Lyric/Music), and kinda had a hard time understanding Bill!, "you want to do what"?
- So, actually trusting Bill regardless went forward, though not really knowing what he "meant", why, etc., until the second bounce track of that other project (again, not this, just explaining the origin of this lyric). Then I was like "oh, were on the same page"... I was not sure. When Bill saw that (my confusion), it made it easier, -- but there were soooooo many "versions"... O M G anyone else would have "let it go", but hey, "we're professionals" ( Smile ) (well, Bill is) ... anyway, so now, -- *this. I like them, so, want to develop them.

* Notre Dame is not even spoke of (presently), that I can see. Nothing further.

Nonetheless, it still resonates with "me", the -- krappe all over, the treatment of anything "Christian" in name, label, or, oh my, -- Truth. So many profiteers in His "temples" ... man, lot's of tables gonna be thrown over again, -- soon for all these "money changers" in His name ... wow, huh! Wink

-- I get, very well, the -- "confusion", since well, even "seminary's" are Smile (o m g), and we have so much history, with simple to note, like the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition and all the rest that folks see the Tree's for, not the Good dirt from which it grows, -- who cares about the Forest.

So, if I can develop some Melody that is "counter" to the Lyrics, nothing "stupid" like "happy", but rather maybe an unexpected/expected treatment that makes it sound super-fantastical and folks overlook the ugly, like we do with "most Blues songs" ? So, we'll see.

So, derUgo Wink


I never been to cathedral, of the lonely and damned
I hear it still stands, and..., still... quite grand
God purged man's hand, in hell fire attire
To keep it full, for man's can aspire

No never seen cathedral, of the lonely and damned
It's all right there, for all the people
But so is God-and-always, unequaled
So burned that cross, city center, lethal

No water touched it
Like none-above hell's pit
Like that wood spit nailed, to Him one year
He burned that wood down, and alone stands their fear

They plan on filling it, all right back
None speak of Him more than, in buckets of gone 
So we'll see from the tithes pledged, pledged to rebirth
What a field of stone it may be, when He'll raze it again, down to dirt

Though I never been to cathedral, of the lonely and damned
I hear it still stands, though purged of man's hand
And yet all I hear, and see of it's care...
Is the ashes God laid there, and they still won't get near

(c) 2019 ustaknow (alias)

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this could work as a spoken word interlude against some of the ferocious instrumental passages