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Liner Notes: 

How to explain this song...haha Biggrin

Well there is a challenge running on the forum called anti syn http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/auntie-sin-anti-syn-challenge which is formed of a chain of songwriters all taking their turn one by one to either write an antithesis or synthesis of two previous songs. I had to synthesise two songs together into a brand new song. The two songs were 'Forgiveness and Hope' by @AndyGetch http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/36882 and 'Washed Clean' by @colgoo http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/37353

The result was a tongue-in-cheek look at life...


(c) 2019 Georgie Cooper
All Rights Reserved

Bubbles and bubbles and bubbles of clean
We all live in bubbles designed by our needs
They protect and they let us view the world from a rather comfortable place

Pop pop go the bubbles sometimes
When someone points out what we’ve built in our minds
We’re defenceless and helpless that is until
We design ourselves a new fate

Bubbles and bubbles and bubbles you see
Only offer some immunity
'Gainst the barbs or the darkness of humankind
It’s a rather convenient state

Bubbles and bubbles and bubbles are free
Free to construct your best fantasy
But beware while you’re there that they do float
And you might get carried away

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I love this! Your laughter is making me laugh! Delightful song.

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Great how you put the topic of information bubbles into this fun Waltz. I wait for the technicolor musical film where your song is featured

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The title pulled me in. Smile Reading the lyrics...fun with bubbles. I really like the first line with the triple. I'll listen to the audio now...hold. Fun...laugh...nice melody and singing. A cheerful sound and good guitar playing. Key change...nice. Nice pause. Love the humor and nice finish. such a happy feel I love it!

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Oh yeah so bouncy
love the laughter
and I really enjoyed reading the lyric through first
good strong write

I knew it would be good before I even looked
soon as I knew who'd done it
well done you

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Okay. I see what you’ve done here....Soap and washed clean....headlines...guitar...nice job with a very unique synthesis. I love the laughter!

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I like the little laughs inserted in the song, and I dig the waltzy flow. Sounds like you're having all kinds of fun over there. Genuine fun! Great track!

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If Mary Poppins sang about evolutionary psychology, this is the song she'd sing. Or perhaps They Might Be Giants; it's informative, light and poppy, but there's so, so much going on in those lyrics. Brilliant!

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nice one, i like the laughing, something a bit spooky about it. reminded me of a stepford wives kind of feeling. i like the way the soapy clean surface is a bit ominous underneath. nice synthesis of the two songs. thanks for playing!